Ayatullah Haj Shaykh
Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

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He was born in Bahman 1313 A.Sh. (January, 1934 A.D.) in Yazd in a family known for its religious background and piety. At the age of seven he began his primary study and finished in 1947 with high marks. After that he entered the Hawzah of Yazd and finished the preliminary and the intermediate stages with Shaykh Muhammad Ali Nahawi within four years.

Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi migrated to Najaf Ashraf, with the encouragement of one of his family members, to continue his studies. After one year he returned to Iran - to Qom. There, he joined the lectures of Kharij of Imam Khumayni, in the subject of Fiqh. It was during his studies of Tafseer and Philosiphy under Allamah Tabataba'i that he developed a spiritual and ethical relationship with Allamah Tabataba'i; and at the same time he benefitted from Ayatullah Ansari and Bahjat.

During the uprising of the religious scholars against the Pahlavi regieme, Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi began his political activities and played an important role in the events of those days - especially through his relationship with eminent characters such as the martyr Dr Beheshti and the martyr Mutahhari. He also played an effective role in rebuilding the structure of the Hawzah and coordinating its concepts with the universities of the country. This was done with the collaboration of martyr Beheshti and martyr Quddousi in the Haqqani and Muntaziriyyah schools - he also became a member of the board of directors of Haqqani school. He participated in the scientific and cultural activities of "Dar Rah-e Haqq" , and was the main organizer of the educational section of the mentioned organization.

In addition to that, Misbah Yazdi did his best in the field of combating corrupt beliefs, which would caused the people to fall into the abyss of irreligiousness and despair, defaming the brilliant visage of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he began a new era of political and cultural activities, which ended his activites of establishing a cooperative relationship between the Hawzah and universities. With this he displayed remarkable efforts in the cultivating the revolutionary headquarters.

His great achievement lies in the establishment of the scientific-cultural organization of Baqir al-`Ulum, which later became an eminent center of scientific and cultural activities in the country.

Today, Misbah Yazdi is a member of the Supreme Council of the cultural revolution, the head of the Imam Khumayni Research & Scientific Organization. He is also a member of the Assembly of Teachers in the Hawzah of Qom. Moreover, Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi is now giving lessons on Philosophy and the Holy Qur'an. He also has made many trips abroad for the purpose of popagating the Islamic teachings and he has compiled many well-known books on many different subjects.